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This time last year European Abnormal Freight Ltd (EAF) was asked in April 2011 to help move the 117 tonne, 4 metre square granite Tsunami Memorial from France to London. As freight forwarding projects go it was the biggest transportation of a single piece of stone in the UK or France since the building of Stonehenge and the tale of how the giant piece came to arrive at the Natural History Museums gardens is worth telling.

Transports Courcelle in France were granted the haulage contract whilst EAF was appointed the UK Transport Project Manager whose management role was to provide full route planning with owner Marc Wodehouse taking personal control. The UK Highways Agency had stipulated that, once the convoy arrived by ferry from Cherbourg into Poole, it would have to utilise a coastal barge from Poole to London. EAF successfully lobbied all the relevant parties and obtained a special permission “BE16 Dispensation” to transport the load entirely by road. This alone saved the project more than £60k in barge and extra crane costs.

The project was mainly funded by a £500,000 grant from the Department for Sport, Media & Culture and the unveiling of the memorial was scheduled for the 5th July opening by HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.EAF successfully addressed ground strengthening and weight issues with London Underground and re-scheduling of long term works on Cromwell Road by British Gas. Apart from Prince Charles’s diary there was an extensive summer and autumn programme of “trial” road closures, by the London Olympic committee which could affect the delivery programme.

The load had to arrive on the weekend of the 28th June 2011 and failure to meet this deadline would put the project back to May 2013. Three weeks before the ceremony, serious loading issues in Castres, France had delayed the scheduled start date from the 4th to the 15th of June. The Transit time in France alone was 11 days and to exacerbate the situation there was now a public holiday in the middle of the revised schedule. Courcelle also confirmed that the new timescale meant it was impossible to meet the arrival date in the UK of the 28th June because French Law forbids “Convoi Exceptionnel” transport taking place over on weekends.

With the exception of humanitarian loads, the French government have never given dispensation to drive abnormal loads on weekends. As far as all parties were concerned, the project was on the verge of collapse. EAF stepped in and over five very challenging days corresponded with the Department for Sport, Media & Culture, the French Embassy in London, five prefectures, the British Embassy in Paris and, ultimately, the French Ministry of Culture & Media.

At 4pm on the afternoon of the 14th June (one hour before close of play), as a result of a telephone conversation with the Minister of Culture & Media for France, Monsieur Frédéric Mitterrand, and his direct intervention, EAF obtained the first ever dispensation for a “Super Heavy” Load to travel on French roads on a weekend, thus maintaining the original schedule.

Mike Holland, Chairman of the Tsunami Memorial Project, commented:

“EAF’s Marc Wodehouse was absolutely key to the successful delivery of the Memorial, he became part of us rather than just an external supplier. Whenever we faltered he found a solution, failure was never an option and Marc’s positive attitude became the standard we came to demand from everyone. I am deeply grateful and indebted to Marc for his enthusiasm, total dedication and great humour no matter how difficult the challenge. We would not have succeeded without him.”


US – Sadly some of our best read stories concern the criminal activities of the few freight forwarding executives who are prepared to break the law in order to turn a profit. As times get harder financially the line between fair competition and conspiracy blurs for some as evidenced by the surge in anti trust cases prosecuted globally which we have witnessed in the past two years. Some acts however are blatantly criminal and this week two cases concerning the cargo screening and shipping of air freight have resulted in the prosecution and punishment of several individuals and companies involved in nefarious activities.

The first case concerns the arrest and detention of Ulrich Davis aged 50 who was caught as he tried to board a flight to the Netherlands at Newark Liberty International Airport last August. Davis, a Dutch national, pleaded guilty this week to charges of conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Iranian Transactions Regulations by misdeclaring chemicals and aircraft parts destined for Iran.

Evidence against Davis was overwhelming in that e mails he had sent to another company made it plain he knew what he was doing was illegal. The items concerned were suspected to be for military use and one of the consignees were allegedly described as ‘C-130 Red Crescent’ seemingly implying the supplies were for a section of the International Red Cross. Observers have speculated that these were parts for C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft at least twelve of which are still in service with the Iranian air force.

Davis used his position as manager of a Netherlands based freight forwarder with a New Jersey office (we are not allowed to name the company) to issue and conspire with others to issue airwaybills showing false details, the nature of the goods being such that they constituted a threat to national security. Because of his guilty plea Davis will avoid the maximum term of twenty years imprisonment but is likely to receive a five year term plus a fine up to a quarter of a million dollars when sentenced.

In the second case three employees of OHL (part of Ozburn-Hessey Logistics, LLC), a subsidiary previously being known as ActivAir and one of the world’s largest third party logistics providers, have each pleaded guilty following a federal investigation. The three confessed to failing to screen cargo due to load on passenger flights despite strict regulations as to how the procedure should be undertaken.

The offences occurred at the company’s Fortune Circle premises at Indianapolis Airport and once again penalties could be up to five years in prison with quarter of a million dollar fines for each defendant. Mitchell Totty, Brian Vanhandel and Andrew Barnes are each accused of conspiring together to violate the law instituted in 2010 which insists on accurate records regarding screened cargo following incidents when bombs were discovered whilst being carried as freight aboard passenger aircraft in Dubai and the UK.

OHL has fully cooperated with the authorities and accepted responsibility for its employees behaviour but the admission led to the company receiving a record fine of $1 million for the offences and U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett commented the safety of the travelling public was paramount and that there could be no tolerance for shortcuts when matters of national security were involved.

Amerika Serikat dan negara-negara Uni Eropa bakal memperketat masuknya kiriman paket-paket logistik dari seluruh dunia awal tahun depan. Namun regulator penerbangan RI menyatakan telah siap menembus ketatnya pemeriksaan cargo tersebut.

“Kita telah mengimplementasikan pemeriksaan ekspres melalui regulated agents (RA) untuk pengiriman cargo internasional. Karenanya, pengiriman asal Indonesia dinyatakan telah siap dikirim ke seluruh dunia,” kata Dirjen Perhubungan Udara Kementerian Perhubungan, Herry Bakti S Gumay di Jakarta, Jumat (11/11/2011).

Seperti diketahui,  keselamatan dan keamanan kargo menjadi salah satu isu penting di AS dan Eropa. Negara-negara itu bahkan akan memblacklist negara asal kargo yang tidak melalui prosedur keamanan yaitu diperiksa melalui X-ray satu per satu sehingga barang yang akan dikirim jelas telah aman.

Mengenai protes perusahaan jasa pengiriman yang meminta pelaksanaan RA ditunda sudah tidak beralasan, karena sebenarnya seluruh pihak telah siap. Maskapai penerbangan yang mengangkut, jelasnya, telah mendukung langkah tersebut.

“Perusahaan pengirimannya yang belum siap, tetapi itu tidak berpengaruh terhadap implementasi inspeksi barang tersebut,” tandasnya.

Pelaksanaan pemeriksaan barang logistik internasional telah dilakukan awal Oktober lalu dan hingga saat ini tidak mengalami kendala, sementara inspeksi kargo domestik telah dilakukan sebulan sebelumnya.

British Airways World Cargo launches commercial operations of the world’s most advanced freighter at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The British Consulate-General will be present at a special event at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Thursday marking British Airways World Cargo’s first ever commercial operations on US soil of their newly acquired Boeing 747-8 freighter aircraft.

Mayor Kasim Reed, will join British Airways staff and customers, together with airport officials in celebrating this occasion, in conjunction with the formal launch of the British Airways World Cargo North America  HQ, recently relocated from New York to Atlanta.

The British Airways World Cargo announcement is a further demonstration of the continuing investment by British business in Georgia and the importance of Atlanta as the logistical hub of the Southeast. There are approximately 500 British companies located throughout Georgia providing around 30,000 jobs. The UK is also a major export destination for Georgia and other South East states and the newly launched British Airways World Cargo B747-8F freighter service will bolster this important trade route as well as trade with many other important global markets.

“I am delighted to see the UK’s flagship carrier expanding their North American Cargo activities from their new Atlanta HQ.  British Airways is a world leading air services provider, and their cargo services are known for the high quality service they provide in the air and on the ground.  Mayor Reed visited British Airway’s cargo facilities at Heathrow last year to view their state of the art logistics and handling operations” said British Consul General Annabelle Malins.

Head of UK Trade and Investment in Atlanta, Rebecca Mowat, said “The new freighter is most impressive and its arrival in Atlanta is a fitting way to mark the opening of British Airways World Cargo headquarters in Atlanta – one of several new British business investments in Georgia this year.  My highly experienced team here in Atlanta are in strong demand to support UK and US companies with international business growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bali Cargo – Nilai ekspor Provinsi Bali ke Rusia mencapai 1,4 juta dolar AS selama periode Januari-September 2011 atau mengalami kenaikan hingga 34,5 persen dibandingkan periode sama 2010 yang hanya 1,1 juta dolar AS.

“Kenaikan nilai ekspor nonmigas itu antara lain disumbangkan oleh aneka barang kerajinan buatan masyarakat daerah ini, hasil pertanian dan perkebunan,” kata Kasi Ekspor Dinas Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Bali, Putu Bagiada, di Denpasar, Sabtu.

Perdagangan luar negeri ke Rusia cukup menggembirakan dalam situasi yang kurang menguntungkan terutama jika dikaitkan dengan krisis ekonomi yang terjadi di Eropa dan Amerika Serikat.

Bertambah banyak realisasi perdagangan aneka barang kerajinan bernilai seni buatan pengrajin Bali itu tentu berkat perkembangan dunia pariwisata daerah ini yang semakin banyak menerima kunjungan turis asing termasuk dari Rusia.

“Sektor pariwisata sangat membantu pertumbuhan perdagangan aneka barang kerajinan sebagai barang cindramata, sebab setiap turis yang datang dapat dipastikan akan membeli barang oleh-oleh di sini,” kata Putu Bagiada.

Orang Rusia relatif lebih boros membelanjakan uangnya di Bali, baik untuk makanan maupun buat membeli aneka kerajinan berupa cindra mata, di samping tinggalnya di daerah ini tercatat rata-rata lebih dari seminggu.

“Turis asal Rusia banyak membeli patung berbahan baku kayu berbentuk kuda, baik ukuran menengah maupun besar yang sepadan dengan Kuda aslinya,” kata Made Urip pelayan toko seni di Desa Mas sambil menunjukkan jenis barangnya.

Laporan Dinas Pariwisata Bali menyebutkan, jumlah kunjungan turis Rusia yang datang langsung dari negaranya ke daerah ini sebanyak 50.986 orang selama Januari-September 2011 atau rata-rata 5.665 orang per bulan.

Kehadiran warga Rusia tersebut bertambah banyak jika dibandingkan rata-rata tahun lalu hanya 5.000 orang per bulan, jadi kunjungan wisatawan Rusia ke Bali dari tahun 2004-2009 mengalami peningkatan yang cukup signifikan.

Kehadiran turis Rusia di daerah ini, pernah tercatat sebagai sepuluh besar negara pemasok turis asing ke Bali, bersaing dengan pelancong asal Inggris, Amerika Serikat, dan Taiwan.

Turis Rusia paling ramai datang ke Bali antara Desember dan Januari, sedangkan bulan selanjutnya berfluktuasi, namun secara keseluruhan meningkat terus. Tren seperti itu terpantau sejak 2004 yang kala itu turis Rusia baru mencapai 10.966 orang.

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