Bali Cargo Shippers Threatened by Drop
in Exports
30% Decline in Exports Forcing Bali Cargo Agents to
Curtail or Close Operations
(8/26/2011) warns that a number of cargo companies in
Bali are in danger of closure due to a sudden decline
in exports estimated at 30%.
The chairman of the IATA Cargo Agent Club Bali
(ICAC-Bali), Handy Saputra, said the downturn in
exports has been a heavy blow for cargo agents. “If
this condition remains unchanged through the end of
the year, it is not impossible that many cargo
companies will close,” warned Handy.
Handy linked the current woes of the cargo business
to the effects of the global economic downturn and the
earthquake-tsunami tragedy in Japan.
According to the ICAC-Bali chairman, many cargo
agents in Bali have reduced their payrolls in order to
survive while some have closed altogether.
While there are many cargo agents in Bali, only 21 have IATA (International Air
Transport Association) certification, which qualifies them for membership in the ICACBali.
The organization continuously strives to improve the skills and knowledge of its
membership by conducting regular training programs and workshops.