As of 1 January, the air cargo industry was expected to comply with new EU regulations. The transition period for the implementation of the EU Import and Export Control Systems – ICS and ECS was not extended. However, a “grace period” was established  so that non-compliance would not incur immediate penalties.

In order to determine the state of affairs, IATA conducted ad hoc surveys aimed to help clarify issues like:

  • The length of the grace period
  • EC recommendations concerning the grace period
  • Member States’ adherence to the EC recommendations
  • What infractions would incur a penalty and when
  • Airline readiness in general
  • Existing reporting coordination between the forwarders and the airlines
  • Which Member States accepted the English language in the Entry Summary Declarations (ENS)

More details on the requirements, the industry procedures, the surveys and their results can be found at

The IATA-FIATA Customs Working Group (IFCWG) will be assessing the early findings of the implementation, and also plans to look at potential coordination of cargo security procedures.